The importance of new and continued connections

Over the course of the 2019 Ag Women’s Network mentorship program, Samantha Fancher and Maggie McCormick had many great discussions.

However, one theme that they often returned to was the importance of having both a professional and a personal network of people around you. The pair discussed how to cultivate those relationships, and in what ways these networks are specifically important for women.

Samantha and Maggie thought that a podcast would be a unique way to open their discussion to a broader group of people. Once they came up with a list of the core topics they wanted to cover, they turned those bullet points into questions they could ask each other during the recording.

Neither Samantha nor Maggie had made a podcast before, so it was a definitely a learning experience for them. The pair found the results personally rewarding and they hope the podcast will spark further reflections and discussions for anyone who listens.

Note: Samantha and Maggie recorded this podcast before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the topics they cover, such as the importance of maintaining relationships, are arguably enhanced in our current world where we seek virtual community while social distancing. We look forward to the time where we can again attend in-person events to make new connections but we know opportunities abound for forging new connections in a virtual setting, too.

You can listen to Samantha and Maggie’s podcast here.

Samantha Fancher

Maggie McCormick

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