Moving Ahead, Giving Back

One of the highlights of the 2019 AWN Mentorship Program proved to the addition of a Give Back Project completed by each mentee.

As organizers, Amanda Peer and I started with a definition. Each mentee would be expected to complete a “....….” that would benefit the AWN and/or the agricultural community. We just couldn’t quite come up with a name for the “….....”

At last, we settled on Give Back Project and we decided to encourage each mentee to come up with her unique plan on what that project would be.

We hoped the projects would be creative, meaningful and quite possibly an extension of the goals the mentees set. We hoped the mentors would get involved in the initiating, planning and maybe even assisting with completion. We hoped that the mentees would find themselves moving forward as they were giving back. They did it all! One mentee took on a public speaking engagement with younger women as her audience. Another developed a new agricultural awareness corner for a local fair. We had blog writers, podcasters, and a book list creator. One person hosted a 4-H meeting and said yes to an opportunity to be on a speaker panel at a conference. Another teamed up with her mentor to spend a day volunteering in the ag awareness tent at a fair. Mentors were involved in a variety of roles.

Every mentee commented that she found the Give Back Project to be a very important and enjoyable aspect of the Mentorship Program.

While many of the mentees completed projects to benefit their communities or the agricultural community, several mentees completed projects to directly benefit the AWN community. Watch for upcoming features by three of the mentees.

How about you? Are you inspired to complete your own give-back project this year? As you move forward with your goals and plans for 2020, we encourage you to find a way to give back to your community – however you define it.

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