AWN Mentorship Program Announces 2019 Mentee Participants

The Ag Women’s Network Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity for women, from any sector of agriculture or in any career stage, to connect in a mentorship partnership.

The program aims to celebrate the diversity of sectors, roles, and experiences of women in agriculture; build authentic relationships and support upward mentorship; be responsive to our grassroots membership and adaptable for future growth; and promote the values of camaraderie, inclusion, accessibility, connection, confidentiality and constructive dialogue.

We are very proud to introduce the mentees for the 2019 AWN Mentorship Program.

Congratulations to:

Emily Allen – Staffa, Ontario

Lynsay Beavers – Guelph, Ontario

Brittany Blakely – Grand Valley, Ontario

Emily Bromley - Renfrew, Ontario

Samantha Fancher – Fergus, Ontario

Sylvia Megens – Sunderland, Ontario

Claire Ross – Moorefield, Ontario

Anita Speers – Strathroy, Ontario

Kayla Veldman - Embro, Ontario

Kayla Walker – Guelph, Ontario

Mentorship partnerships are currently being finalized. The ten mentees will each work with a mentor to establish key areas of interest and then complete a road map document for goal-setting. Over the next eight months, these mentorship partners work towards meeting their goals. Watch for an upcoming announcement introducing the mentors who will be partnering with the mentees.

For more information - visit or email

Thanks to Karen Mansfield, mentee in the AWN Pilot Mentorship Program, for the following words of advice to the 2019 program participants: “For anyone who hears about the 2019 (and beyond) Mentorship Program and immediately gets excited, you have good reason to be. Make sure your door is open to the unexpected and that you are open and have the time to soak it all in. Lead with the questions – why am I here and what do I want or need to explore and learn? Know what you want from the Mentorship Program and be specific. Time goes by quickly. Make the most of the opportunities that come.”


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