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The Ag Women's Network is excited to announce the 2019 AWN Mentorship Program. Team Leads for the 2019 AWN Mentorship Program are Joan Craig and Amanda Peer. We invite you to get to know Amanda by reading her blog post.

Amanda Peer

Hi, my name is Amanda Peer and I’m hoping everyone had a great holiday with their families and friends who are just like family members. Cheers to you if you’re still ringing in the New Year!

As I reflect back on 2018 I realize what a growth year being thirty was for me. There were a lot of new relationships, emotions (full stomach laughter is the best) and experiences. From starting a new position within my career, to working through a riding injury to organizing and having to change personal life plans I thought I already had figured out, I’ve learned, “Don’t ever settle or let someone tell you you can’t! Take ten minutes to reflect on what makes you “you” in life or makes you happy. Life requires compromise and change, but don’t ever change what is in your heart if it doesn’t feel right.” As best-selling author Rachel Hollis says in “Girl, Wash Your Face!”

In 2018, I was involved in the Ag Women’s Network in two ways; one as a Community Volunteer and the other as a “Mentor” in the 2018 Pilot Mentorship Program. My initial thought about the mentorship program was “Wow, what an awesome opportunity for agriculture. How do I get involved!?” Then, after being selected as a mentor, my thoughts were “Oh my goodness I have committed and it’s busy with work commitments and riding commitments, how am I going to get this all done?” Followed by, “Amanda, breathe, you got this!! You’re surrounded by a great network of other ag enthusiasts; people who are just as excited about the mentorship program and agriculture as you are and want to share their experiences and grow with you.” Now moving into 2019, I am taking a leadership position with the mentorship program. I’m excited for new experiences and opportunities shared with other enthusiasts.

Being involved with the pilot mentorship program was fantastic! After the initial introduction to my mentee, we were off to the races. We worked through different situations that one another had experienced or had previously worked through and we moved forward from there. I have always found it great to break situations into pieces and tackle each section at a time. I value efforts of support, whether it’s an email or a text to say "Chin up! All will be okay. It’s just one day and tomorrow is a fresh start." Someone who I have a lot of respect for time after time always says to me; “Don’t sweat it, you’ve done your best and you can’t change the way it was handled and that is one person’s opinion and action”. I was happy to share these kind of thoughts with my mentee.

Being a female in ag has its challenges on a day to day basis. It’s important to surround yourself with a network of friends, family and coworkers who believe in you no matter the personal and professional situation, and build each other up. Being part of a mentorship partnership is another way to allow yourself to grow as a person and have a strong support network to help you.

Wishing you all the best in 2019! I can’t stress enough: get involved and try new things. I hope you love to laugh because new opportunities are exciting and laughter is the best medicine. Smile, laugh and be you!

For more information about the 2019 AWN Mentorship Program, please visit the AWN website and select Get Involved>Mentorship Program for more information about the 2019 program. APPLICATION FORMS for both MENTORS and MENTEES will be made available on Friday, January 11, 2019. Applications deadline is Friday, February 1, 2019.

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