Discovering the destination

With the recent wrap-up of the Ag Women’s Network Pilot Mentorship Program, it’s time to share the blog posts created by the mentees. By following along with this series of posts you will get to know these women and find out about their mentorship experience. There are several common themes expressed from individual perspectives and lots of inspiring comments on mentorship. Many thanks to the mentees for accepting the challenge of writing a blog post and sharing their experiences.

Every journey has a beginning and an ending. The road you take may be prescribed by a map or it may be improvised. Your journey may be straightforward and direct or maybe it twists and winds before you arrive. Maybe you took the main highway with everyone else or maybe, just maybe, you forged a new path.

No matter how one travels, arriving at the destination is a satisfying, relieving feeling. The feeling of “I made it,” the sigh of relief, the anticipation of where the next journey will lead you. These are all feelings that the mentorship program journey can instill in you.

The program starts out at your departure point. You have a pretty good idea of where you are going, what you want to accomplish along the way, and where you would like to end up. With the help of a mentor, you create a roadmap to help guide you in that direction. So you set out, roadmap in hand, ready to find your way and reach your goals. When you get lost or stuck along the way, there is no need to panic - your mentor will act as a guide to either help put you back on track or reroute your journey. You meet both obstacles and shortcuts, fellow travellers, and additional guides.

As you travel the roadmap you may realize that the journey you are taking is not the one you originally set out upon. You may realize that the roadmap isn’t taking you to your destination. That’s the beautiful thing about journeys – they may take you down roads you may not have expected but they still will always have a destination.

To experience a journey of your own apply for the Ag Women’s Network Mentorship Program and embrace the opportunity to have a mentor to guide you down the path to your own destination and goals.

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