Someone in your corner: A simple concept with big impact

With the recent wrap-up of the Ag Women’s Network Pilot Mentorship Program, it’s time to share the blog posts created by the mentees. By following along with this series of posts you will get to know these women and find out about their mentorship experience. There are several common themes expressed from individual perspectives and lots of inspiring comments on mentorship. Many thanks to the mentees for accepting the challenge of writing a blog post and sharing their experiences.

Who knew having someone in your corner could inspire change in one's self and spark the fire needed to begin a new journey, in life and in the agricultural community.

In the world today, especially in the agricultural sector, one can feel alone, as a woman and as a young professional. The Ag Women’s Network pilot mentorship program has given me the support and resources to change this.

Before the start of the Ag Women’s Network pilot mentorship program I was known as the farmer’s daughter with a passion for agriculture. I was working as HR and Health and Safety professional for a family run business that supported and provided product to farmers across Ontario; however, I felt I needed to do more and be more. I wanted to expand on this love for farming, women in business, agricultural safety, and development in myself as a person. With the help of Amanda Peer, my amazing mentor, and the AWN, I did just that.

I have grown as a person, expanded my network in the agricultural community, have attended farming events, and joined new ag groups to give back. It has not been easy to do however, with times of doubt (as Amanda can attest to), hurdles of past failures and expectations set by our world today. When you have someone in your corner you realize though it is okay to try.

There is great importance to having someone in your corner: It encourages you to try new things- alone; but if you need you can tag them to be the backup support you require.

Amanda knew I wanted to achieve many things through this mentorship; but was timid to do so. By simply being only an email or text away I could talk to her about anything I had on my mind. Her words crushed stereotypes I had formed in my head or been taught. She was that extra back bone I required to go out on my own and join committees, attend events, and just think differently about us in agriculture. Receiving inspirational quotes or check-in emails asking how the weather or crops were my way, she created a country girl bond that no one can replace.

Who is in your corner?

"To all people still living under the umbrella of others' expectations...step out. Don't be afraid of who you are. An original is always worth more than a copy."

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