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With the recent wrap-up of the Ag Women’s Network Pilot Mentorship Program, it’s time to share the blog posts created by the mentees. By following along with this series of posts you will get to know these women and find out about their mentorship experience. There are several common themes expressed from individual perspectives and lots of inspiring comments on mentorship. Many thanks to the mentees for accepting the challenge of writing a blog post and sharing their experiences.

Getting there, defined as “someone who is close to achieving something, especially when it is difficult or is taking a long time”. Getting there, is a phrase all familiar with the English language

have spoken once or twice. The phrase is no stranger to concepts surrounding farming, careers and life in general. Any achievement small or large scale took some form of getting there.

Farming is a very complex industry and lifestyle. However the phrase “control the controllables” is also a key saying within the industry. With so many variables out of the farmers control, is it imperative that farmers control what they can. One current example is utilizing large scale equipment to increase acres covered in optimal field condition time frames. Nonetheless there are variables farmers cannot control. At any given time of the year farmers will always take a chance to ask fellow farmers how their on farm progress is. How is haying going? “Getting there, cannot seem to beat this rain”. Got all the crops sprayed? “Getting there, we just can not catch a break with weather conditions”. Finished planting? “Getting there, would be nice to have a few sunny days to dry things up and fewer breakdowns would be nice too”. All your old crop corn sold? “Getting there, waiting for the markets to come back up”. The list goes on and on. Farming is dependant on the independent source, mother nature. Therefore farmers usually retort to simple questions with the phrase getting there. Having an underlying tone in their voice of frustration, exhaustion or sometimes optimism. The simple fact being, no matter how difficult or long it will take, they will set out to complete their goal.

Careers: the art of meshing lifestyle, interest and talent together. Some are lucky to mesh a couple of those together and few are lucky to mesh all three. It is always amusing for some to look back and see what a child wrote in elementary school about what they aspired to be when they grow up. Often times it is not exactly where they end up career wise. In high school, students are asked “Have you decided what you would like to go to post-secondary school for”? “Not exactly, getting there”. Once in postsecondary the question is always posed, “Do you know what job you would like to achieve with this degree/diploma/certificate?”, “Not yet, getting there”. The current generation expects of others and themselves too often, fancy job titles, big promotions and a job they love, all so soon. The reality is it takes time, patience and hard work in getting there.

Everyday life. The term getting there is easily applicable to everyday life achievements. “How is the house hunting going? Getting there.” “How are renovations? Getting there.” “How is potty training the little one working out?” “Getting there, small progress”. “Are things better with the in-laws?” “Getting there.” Everyone's life path is different and we all achieve things at different rates. The journey to getting there has different degrees of difficulty for everyone. Although sharing and reflecting back on the getting there is the best part!

In conclusion, what a better way to get through the getting there phase than to speak with someone who has already been there; mentorship. Mentoring or being mentored, never has to be

a labeled title. Life is full of various situations therefore having various mentors to turn and ask advice from is an awesome idea! As defined, getting there can be a long journey and sometimes a trying one. Friendly reminders come in all forms; that your neighbor does not have all their crops in either, that your boss did not not know what his career was going to be at twenty or that you are not the only one to ever have a less than satisfying summer job. Being able to share ideas and laughs along the way make getting there a ton of fun!

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