AWN Launches Pilot Mentorship Program


I’ve been looking for a word. A word that would describe how it is that the Ag Women’s Network is presenting a mentorship program this fall. I think I’ve found the right word – catalyst.

A person, thing or event that causes a change to happen more quickly than anticipated is a catalyst. Recently, you read a blog post by Amanda Brodhagen about being recognized and featured as a “Go-Getter” in a competition through Flare and Fido. Her decision to identify the Ag Women’s Network and a mentorship program for women in agriculture as her passion project has set AWN on a path to bring to reality one of our “wouldn’t it be amazing if...” ideas. Amanda, we are so proud of you and are very grateful to you.

The catalyst moments have continued throughout the summer. We put out a survey to our AWN members asking them about the kind of mentorship program that would be most helpful to them. We hoped for 25 to 30 responses and ended up with 100. The responses were honest, thoughtful, diverse and yet showing common threads. We were contacted by CAHRC (Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council) offering us assistance and advice. We gathered together a small group of women with varying experiences and involvement in mentorship to discuss and brainstorm the important details of a mentorship program. Most importantly, we thought about the conversations and topics being discussed within the agriculture industry and amongst our AWN members. Now, as summer winds down, we are ready to offer the AWN Mentorship Program.

Our Mentorship Program, for 2017-2018, is essentially a pilot program. We are venturing into this with lots of enthusiasm and sincerity, but, we know this will be a year with lots of lessons to learn. We hope that many of our AWN members will consider applying for the opportunity to be a mentee or a mentor. To help you with your consideration we have prepared several helpful documents and posted them under a Mentorship tab on our website at (FAQs, Mentee/Mentor Expectations)

The next step, of course, is to apply. The application forms are also located under the “Mentorship” tab of our website. Applications are due September 30, 2017. The program will begin in November 2017 and will complete in July 2018.

Perhaps reading this blog post will be the catalyst to an exciting venture for you. We hope so!

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