A Final Thank you! - National Volunteer Week 2017

Volunteers Make the World Go ‘Round!!

Happy National Volunteer Week! This is a special time to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers out there who are making positive contributions to our local, national, and international communities. Can you imagine a world without volunteers? It would look substantially different and certainly less vibrant. There would be no coaches nor leaders for extracurricular/recreational activities. No 4-H leaders and other agriculture advocates. No helpers at our schools to provide additional support to students. No volunteer support for charities. No-one to fill important gaps in our communities that otherwise wouldn’t be filled.

What do volunteers look like? Volunteers are a diverse group and you don’t have to look too far to see volunteerism in action. Some like to take on structured roles as volunteers through committees, boards, and organized activities, while others prefer to volunteer in roles that aren’t so visible. Some choose to volunteer for large projects, movements, and organizations, while others volunteer their time through smaller day to day activities. Volunteering can take on many forms and each form is important.

Throughout time the individual and collective work of volunteers has moved mountains. Volunteers have brought about positive change, inspired leaders, raised funds for important causes, have passed skills and knowledge through generations, provided an important voice for issues concerning local and international matters, brought communities together, and so much more that simply can’t be captured in a blog. Volunteering is a selfless act that often goes unrecognized or even unnoticed. In fact, as a volunteer you might have even received some criticism. But the beautiful thing about volunteering is that it can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. There is joy in committing personal time to make a difference and to give back to your community. You have the opportunity to make new connections, open your mind, learn valuable skills, become a leader, and make new friends. And it’s contagious. As a volunteer you inspire others to step up and get involved.

To all volunteers out there – thank you. The impact of your work is profound and your efforts make the

world go ‘round.

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