AWN's Get on Board! Feb 29- March 4

Search Google images for pictures of 'Board of Directors' and what do you find? Chances are that the even the most progressive picture will only have 1/3 of the members will be rocking long hair and a solid pantsuit. If you look at pictures of Agriculture board in Canada, the results are eerily similar. Whether you want to be on a board or think that quotas are the way to achieve it, we can all agreed that it is important for the agriculture to increase gender diversity on Board of Directors in our industry.

Part of AWN's mandate is to provide women with the skills they need to exceed and help contribute to this awesome industry. We would like to provide women with the expertise and knowledge to eventually achieve gender equality on Board of Directors by providing resources to women who have an interest in volunteering.

From February 29th to March 4th, AWN will be discussion the experience of Board of Directors and providing resources to educate women in the hope of inspiring more women to participate. We have several blog posts and stories to share over the course of the week written by members of our leadership team and we will also be sharing articles throughout the week with the hashtag #AWNGetOnBoard. We welcome you to share your own articles or stories of your own experiences!

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