What makes you a leader?

'People don't know they are leaders'

Where does leadership come from? That is the question leadership guru Seth Godin put forward to participants of a three hour intense online workshop on leadership. Jen Christie and I participated February 18th, and it was a fascinating experience. There were 771 participants from nineteen different time zones, in varied industries and leadership levels.

What made this workshop truly unique was it was run through a program called Slack. Slack is an online program that is built for teams to share information and communicate easier. It allowed the organizers to post videos and the participants to be split into small groups and use a discussion board to discuss our answers. They were describing it in the lead-up as a sprint, and it was intense. Sharing ideas and experiences with our group of ten people reinforced the idea that leadership skills begins with a choice to be a leader, and how important it is to paint a picture of your vision so that everyone in the organization can see it and enable their skills to help you all get there. Seth said that “selling the dream, starts with telling the dream”. Learning from other participants and their experiences of that dream being blocked in corporate culture, examples in agriculture came to mind as well. We were able to share our examples of AWN and how fortunate the group is to have so many incredibly talented women who are already leaders in different contexts, and all see the dream too.

What really resonated with us was how similar this workshop was to our online AWN event. This workshop was a way for participants from remote locations to get together and get to know each other and allow self exploration through focused questions, sounds familiar!

The workshop has left me a deeper appreciation of what makes a leader, and makes me really excited for future AWN events!

F.Y.I. Seth Godin is continuing workshops in a less intense format with a leadership ‘course’ with 29 lectures and 2 hours of content. The course is $89. *Ask me (Mary Ann Doré) if you are signing up as her coupon code may work for you and it would be $71.

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