AWN Winter WarmUP Agenda

Here it is ......our AWN Winter WarmUP Weekend Agenda! It's like a sneak peek for our first online forum. There is a team of people working to bring you this event and we are getting very excited.

We want you to know that -

  • The actual content (videos, articles, questions) will be posted on Facebook and Twitter throughout the weekend.

  • Participants will be able to check content at the times listed on the agenda or when it works for them.

  • The Twitter Chat event takes place at 11:00 a.m. (EST) on Saturday, Jan 16th - hashtag is #AWNChat

If you have questions - please ask!

On Twitter - ask via @agwomensnetwork or @CCrowleyArklie @WalshRobyn @SavvyFarmgirl @JoLCraig

On Facebook - ask via the Ag Women's Network FB page

We do have one unique request! In order to keep the event as straightforward as possible, we are asking people to refrain from making posts on the FB page that are not related to the weekend event. This will make it easier for participants to follow along. Thanks!

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