Warming Up to the Idea

Happy New Year! It will take me a couple more weeks before I’m fluent at writing 2016. I’ve never been really good at transitions. I like to cherish things and moments and emotions. Mostly, I like to cherish the people who accompany them. I think it makes it easier to take next steps. But once I am ready to move on, then, a million ideas pop into my head and I am gangbusters on how to accomplish tasks.

When the Events Committee first talked about an online event for Ag Women’s Network, I had my usual “what if” list. But, I knew it was an important step for the Network. We wanted to have an event that is accessible to all members without major hesitations around time, distance, cost, availability and diverse interests.

We started out with the idea of a “Tweet Chat” to give AWN members an opportunity to connect in a casual forum on a variety of topics. A “Tweet Chat” is where a group of Twitter users meet online at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic and all connect by using a specific hashtag. Hosts pose questions to prompt responses and encourage interaction. (We will post more specific details prior to the event)

But, we know many of you prefer Facebook and others like to connect through email notices. More content got added and now we are offering a weekend event…….the AWN Winter WarmUP Weekend!

“Warm-up” works well as a theme. It indicates preparing for an activity/event like warming up muscles, or a tractor engine, or a crowd. It’s a term we use when referring to how a group of people are connecting or warming up to each other. And of course, January’s cold temperatures give us an appreciation of the comfort and refreshment of simply warming up.

So, our goal for this event is to provide easy access for all members of the AWN. Our hope is that this format will result in high participation and a valuable experience for members. We are building an agenda around the words “Prepare-Connect-Get Refreshed” as we move to a new year and an energized focus. And maybe most importantly…….we want everyone to have some fun as we try out this online format!

Online Event Details


Twitter - #AWNWarmUP @agwomensnetwork Facebook – Ag Women’s Network group page Website – www.agwomensnetwork.com

Starts: Friday, Jan 15th at 7:00 p.m. (EST) Ends: Sunday, Jan. 17th at 2:00 p.m. (EST)

Content: Agenda will be posted here on Monday, January 11, 2016. Be prepared for video viewing, article reading, a photo share and the Tweet Chat.

Hashtag: We’ll be sharing this with the Agenda

Participants are welcome to participate throughout the weekend when and how it works for them. We realize that some people like to get involved in discussions and some people will be happiest to only follow the conversation. All are welcome!

Please note – this is our first event of this type and there may be some glitches to work through. We will do our best to make it as straightforward as possible and appreciate your positive involvement. Contact names will be included with the Agenda.

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