New Year - Energized Focus

As we celebrate our accomplishments in 2015 and look forward to 2016, the Ag Women's Network blog is also celebrating our first year online.

Rather than reflect on the last year though, we're excited to share where we're going this year. We are still all about connections and learning, and we tweaked our mission just slightly to better reflect the intentions of the dynamic women with whom we are engaging.

Our Mission: Connecting and empowering agriculture leaders through sharing, learning and personal development.

This means we are committed to not just hosting events but ensuring meaningful interactions can take place and people are able to get to know each other more personally. You told us these informal interactions were the most valuable part of the Ag Women's Network, so we want to better enable these, both live and virtually.

Furthermore, we recognize there are time and travel constraints for many women to be able to attend events. As volunteers with many of the same constraints you face, we appreciate the importance of maximizing the time we commit. This is why we're hosting a virtual event later this month, so you can participate from wherever is most comfortable. We are also looking at partnership opportunities which allow us to deliver our mission in a way that is more efficient for everyone. In February, we will work with the Innovative Farmers Association Conference to host an event.

Finally, we are super appreciative of your support and ideas over the past three years. With unlimited time or money, we would love to make them all a reality. In lieu of either, we depend on the generosity of our industry and passion of our volunteers to bring a selection of them to fruition. So long as we are blessed with great volunteers and your encouragement, we will keep this up!


Ag Women's Network Team

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