Building a better society - From generation to generation

Recently, I saw a TV ad prompting Canadians to vote in the upcoming election. Voting is a right, a privilege and a responsibility. Not a time for apathy!

For Canadian women, voting is a right that had to be won. Pioneer trailblazers, like Nellie McClung, worked to gain the voting right in 1918 and the right to stand for the House of Commons in 1919. Networking continued to be important as they worked to achieve the recognition, in 1929, that allowed women to be appointed to the Senate. Pioneer heroines!

Five of these women, known as "The Famous Five”, are some of the most influential women in Canadian history. Their bios are rich with rural-rooted, community-minded, organization-leading credits. They were committed, passionate and even fierce in their goals. They made their actions for the women of that time, but also spoke, wrote and advocated for the generations that have followed. Their legacy… for us!

Each generation has the hope of building a better society for the next. As women, we share the responsibility and privilege of ensuring that this is a society where all women progress and flourish. No matter our age, role or path, we have opportunities to support, mentor and develop the generation following us. We're creating our legacy!

Exercise your right - vote!

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