Announcing the Advancing Women Conference Contest Winner!

A big congratulations goes out to the winner of our first ever, contest winner! Anna Roberts, Ottawa, Ontario was selected from the entries received for her answer to "Why Women Need a Voice in Agriculture". We are excited to meet Anna next month at the Advancing Women Conference in Toronto, which she will be receiving a free registration!

Our contest winner, Anna Roberts, get close to a farm friend.

We were thrilled with all the entries and greatly appreciated the thought and consideration given to the topic. It was very clear this is a topic many are passionate about and we wish we could've awarded everyone a prize. Be sure to check out all the answers. Here is Anna's winning response:

Believe it or not, our agricultural industry is already run by ‘women’! Our Cows, Ewes, Hens, & Sows are the very breath of our business, and it is upon their remarkably unique ability to create life that we rely.

A woman may be many different things throughout her lifetime; a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend… a mother. Over the past century we have developed & honed our voice as women and have persevered for stable footing as honest equals to our men. While we must, and do, embrace this equality to our fullest ability, we must also celebrate that which makes us uniquely capable as famers & active members of our Ag Industry. It is in this, perhaps the singularly most phenomenal part of life, that women can provide a unique understanding & perspective to what might otherwise be overlooked as the mundane, as a necessity.

We have a voice, but we can’t just speak. We must sing. We must dance, paint, show our passion & forever enthrall with what our perspective can offer the world & our industry.

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