March 1, 2016

Noted as the "greatest progress women have made since gaining the right to vote", Germany is the latest country to adopt mandatory quotas to increase gender diversity on their boards.  If public boards do not have at least 30% of seats held by women they are to be left...

January 30, 2016

This week the Ag Women's Network is focusing on mental health. There has been lots of discussion on social media and in the media about ending the stigma attached to mental health, so people can find the courage to get the help they need. Canadians set a new record, wi...

November 22, 2015

Upon deciding to do the Ivey Business School's EMBA, my dad asked why and I recall telling him,"if I'm not moving forward, I'm moving backward." Truly, this answer was linked more to my desire to learn and increase my own business knowledge than it was specific to the...

March 15, 2015

Special thanks to Ryan Hicks for my very own "Rosie the riveter" poster!

Later this month, I will be addressing Ontario students at the Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) conference on this topic, and in preparation, I've been thinking all week about what I may say....

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